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Search Engine Optimization

Myself, Surya, an SEO Analyst in Hyderabad. I take up freelance SEO projects at an affordable price for any individual. So, if you are looking for the bestSEO Freelancer Hyderabad, you are in the right page, as I will take care of your On page & Off page SEO needs with guaranteed results and affordable pricing.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an organic process. It takes time to rank a keyword in Google Search result. How long does it take? The time depends on Keyword Competition, your domain age, uniqueness of the content used in your website etc. You can ask any SEO Freelancer in Hyderabad or SEO expert in Hyderabad. All they can tell you is search engine ranking depends on two vital factors. One is relevancy/quality of the content and other one is authority of your domain. As a SEO freelancer in Hyderabad, if I pick up your project my job will be to improve the relevancy of your content and domain's authority as well.

Also, an SEO audit is the primary process to ensure the strengths and weakness of the website. The SEO audit is very significant to know the worth of your website. I can help you with a complete SEO audit which set the roadmap of how our strategy is going to be. I can guarantee that your site deserves the value for the money for your SEO campaign.

Don’t Risk Your Rankings With Unethical SEO. Bad SEO Practices will harm Your Google Rankings.

Good SEO Work only gets better over time. It's only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. - Jill Whalen

How can you trust me?

Being a freelance SEO Analyst in Hyderabad, I accept that trust is the key factor in client investment and retention. If the above answers does not assure you, in this module I will list down what I will literally do with your website & project.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor Analysis: SEO is all about being one step ahead of your competitor, ranking one mark more than competitors
  • On page site audit: Exploring Title tags, Meta descriptions, sitemaps, images, internal linking, do follow/ no follow links, broken links, keyword density, use of header tags including H1 tags, optimization of www and non www versions, link spam, keyword spam, alt text, duplicate meta tags, size of meta tags, etc) and solving the errors and adding contents etc
  • Off page optimization: Directory submission(free and paid), Authority link creation, PPT submission, PDF submission, Info graphic submission , citation building, link building, comment building etc.

As the best freelance SEO analyst in Hyderabad, I follow a solid quality when it comes to Link Building & hence make sure that any activity performed will not lead the website into Google penalties

How can you see the results?

My clients will precisely know what they will get every month. Of course , no one can assure you to rank your website within a certain period of time and I certainly don't assure that. Being a, I send weekly and monthly SEO reports to my clients. The reports will not be just for information or statistics, but every single month there will be an analysis and consistent changes in the activity plans, which will be made after approval from the client's end. I will send a suggested action plan before the start of every month. Anyhow, the 1st month of work initiation, a proper plan cannot be discovered as there will be no real time data from Google Analytics/other reports. By these exceptional service qualities I acquire trust of all my clients even being a freelance SEO Analyst in Hyderabad.

Thinking about the Pricing?

I understand people look for Freelance SEO expert in Hyderabad, mainly for two reasons. One being proficient service and the other being pricing. So, my pricing levels are not extremely high. You can contact this freelance SEO Analyst in Hyderabad and know more about pricing by clicking the link here